Crystal Consulting Inc. History

The Crystal Consulting Story

Companies are started by real people with real history. Successful companies often have founders with interesting pasts who work hard and sacrifice to make something substantive from their lives and the communities they live in. Crystal Consulting Inc. (CCI) is a wholly owned Canadian family company whose founders have roots in another continent.

Crystal Consulting Inc. History
Ajit Sangha, President

In September of 1996, Ajit moved to Canada with his wife Sukhwinder and son Gurpreet with only twenty dollars in his pocket.

Ajit Singh Sangha, President

Ajit Singh Sangha was born in the Punjab (India) in a small farming village. Like many young boys at the time, he had to give up his dream of education to help the family in its farming. As he grew into a young man, Ajit was active politically and in 1982 was elected Sarpanch (leader of the village). He held the elected position for a decade. Having learned tremendously from the position, he decided to make way for other young people to take up the village mantle and did not run for re-election.

In September of 1996, Ajit moved to Canada with his wife Sukhwinder and son Gurpreet with only twenty dollars in his pocket. He wanted to make a better life for his family. New immigrants to Canada often have to take any job they can get. Early on Ajit worked in a greenhouse farm before starting as a laborer in a drywall company in 1997. Drywall would come to describe the family legacy.

Family Endeavor

Following in his father’s footsteps, Gurpreet (Garry) Sangha and Son-in law Kuldeep Singh Chohan approached Ajit to form CCI. The last names of the family didn’t have a substantial background in the BC Construction industry and the assets were minimal to back the start up. What the family had was the belief that much more could be done in the space of this industry and was waiting for someone innovative to occupy it. As a drywall company, they would initially work in multi-family concrete residential projects. Today the family has progressed to being a major presence across the BC construction space.

Crystal Consulting Inc. History
Kuldeep Singh Chohan, COO

Kuldeep Singh Chohan, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Like Ajit, the man that would marry his daughter Sandeep was also born in the Punjab. Kuldeep Singh Chohan also moved to Canada alongside with his dad and sisters to join his brother Avtar in 1990. Avtar also started early on in the drywall field and Kuldeep worked in his brother’s drywall company. In the winter of 1997, the brothers started to work in multi-family projects as subcontractors which they continued to do so until 2005.

Crystal Consulting Inc. History
Garry Sangha, CEO

Gurpreet (Garry) Sangha, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ajit’s son, Gurpreet (Garry) moved to Canada with his parents in 1996. Being a teenager who aspired to be an engineer, Garry attended classes at night and worked construction during the day. Garry enrolled in BCIT Engineering but shortly gave up that dream to focus his career on steel stud framing starting as a laborer. He excelled in construction and soon became a supervisor for a leading drywall contractor undertaking the division 9 services in 5 towers.  Garry saw the opportunity to apply his learnings in a family business and believed that his father and brother-in-law would make ideal business partners. 15 years later, CCI is one of the largest division 9 service providers in BC, if not in Canada.

Poised for Growth

CCI is much more than drywall. The CCI Group is now a large family of construction services companies in the fields of Drywall, Masonry, Waterproofing, Roofing and Construction Management. KCM leverages the significant resource base of CCI to undertake large-scale construction projects on behalf of the premier property developers in Canada.

In the words of Ajit “it is easy to start, but to grow and further sustain and enhance growth, the quality of your work and service has to be at the top. Never compromise on your promise to the client. Build every building as it was your own home.”

CCI undertook its first project with Concord Pacific. The second project was an Aspac Developments project built by Ledcor. The third project was with Polygon Homes. 15 years later Concord Pacific, Aspac Developments, Ledcor and Polygon Homes continue to see CCI as a partner in their success as one of their preferred contractors. CCI believes in partnership, if the company cannot help the client find success then the company will not find its own success. CCI clients are successful and hence CCI continues to prosper.

The CCI Mantra of L.U.C.K.

CCI honors L.U.C.K. by respecting the work ethic:

Learning: Every day we learn from our success and failures

Understanding: As a company that is always evolving, we move from learning to understanding as we analyze our business and processes so as to continuously improve, mitigate our risks and allow improvisation as the company moves forward

Creativity: Building upon understanding, we are inspired to be creative; always innovating to find the best solutions

Knowledge: Learning, understanding and creativity are the basic elements of applied knowledge – being an expert in what it does, CCI is positioned to be expert in what it chooses to do next.

The Crystal Consulting Inc. Group of Companies

As a family enterprise, CCI Group manages and constructs industrial, commercial and multi-residential projects of any size or complexity. Provided below is a brief overview of the corporate group.


  • Crystal Consulting (Drywall) Inc. is the original Crystal Company; it provides Div.9 services in BC.



    CCI Consulting Inc. founded 2005

  • Crystal Waterproofing undertakes waterproofing construction.


    CCI Waterproofing founded 2012

  • The Crystal Consulting Group of Companies has been involved in millions of square feet of industrial, commercial and residential development on the past 12 years.

    CCI Consulting Group founded 2013

  • Crystal Consulting (Alberta) Inc. CyDiv.9 services in Alberta.




    CCI Consulting Alberta founded 2013

  • Kanin Construction Management leverages all the Crystal Consulting capabilities and resources to undertake end-to-end construction projects from initiation to close out; this can include project and construction as well as actual construction. KCM website


    KCM founded 2015

  • Crystal Waterproofing undertakes waterproofing construction.

    CCI Masonry founded 2018

  • CCI Group Mental Health Society includes many community outreach endeavors including providing volunteering support and fundraising to benefit our local community.




    CCI Group Mental Health Society founded 2019

   Tel: (778) 294-4425 •
   #1100 • 21320 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6V 2X5